Business Improved by Robots

‚ÄčIf your business is seeking greater productivity and product quality, consider automating with industrial robots. For many years now, robots have helped to decrease the time and cost to manufacture certain products. This has helped companies save money, increase worker safety, and provide a consistent product quality each time.

Business Improved by Robots


Robots reduce the time and cost of carrying out common business procedures. Robotic software can replace manual triggers, which reduces the need for employees. Robotic automation is useful for industrial and clerical processes. The two distinct robotics markets include industrial and service. Industrial robots are typically robotic arms on assembly lines, while service robots are more humanoid and work in the academic or research community.

It is not contested that by implementing robots, throughput speeds increase. This directly impacts production positively. Robots can work at a constant speed without the need for breaks, sleep, or vacations, unlike a human worker. Further, they produce less material waste because of their precise and accurate movements. This demonstrates their value as a business tool to increase productivity.

Robots also alleviate some dangerous conditions for employees. Workers can still supervise the robots, but they no longer are asked to perform repetitive or hazardous tasks because the robots can easily do so. This leads to fewer healthcare and insurance concerns for employers.

For years, businesses have been outsourcing processes like payroll, order processing, and customer service. However, a new type of outsourcing is in town: business process as a service. With BPaaS, the service provider manages the business process as well as owns and manages the systems and applications that enable that process. Automated workflow and collaboration systems are at the heart of BPaaS. BPaaS solutions occur when the provider owns the technology platforms underlying the business process as well as a smart robot.

While some companies may be resistant to automating their business processes, they must realize that certain employees and departments are becoming obsolete as processes change. This is inherently the point of robotic automation: moving forward to increase profitability and efficiency.

It seems that all major businesses evolve into robotics. In December 2013, Google entered the robotics business, making seven acquisitions but staying silent about their plans for their new robotics division.

Future applications of robotic technology will include unmanned air vehicles. The agriculture industry will significantly benefit from these robots, since they can help farmers monitor crops and distribute pesticides more accurately. This would increase efficiency while decreasing environmental impact.

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