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Jun 24, 2013

iRVision for Fanuc robots is very easy to use, set-up, and has simple application building. Vision systems help to increase the precision and accuracy of the robotic system, overall creating a more effective manufacturing environment. iRVision is definitely an option you will want to integrate onto your production line.


I can see clear­ly now….since I have iRVi­sion.” Fanuc devel­oped an all-inclu­sive robot­ic vision prod­uct enti­tled iRVi­sion so that users can enjoy a ful­ly inte­grat­ed vision sys­tem instead of rely­ing on a third par­ty com­pa­ny. Fanuc offers the sup­port of one sup­pli­er for not only the robot, but also all of the key vision com­po­nents. All of Fanuc’s R‑30iA con­trollers are equipped with iRVi­sion. All iRVi­sion prod­ucts have a cam­era inte­grat­ed with the robot con­troller, with the pur­pose of elim­i­nat­ing the need for a PC on the fac­to­ry floor. A cam­era and a cable are all this sys­tem needs for accu­rate and effi­cient part location. 

iRVi­sion is extreme­ly easy to use, with quick set-up options and sim­ple appli­ca­tion build­ing. The instruc­tion set is inte­grat­ed. The vision sys­tem con­fig­u­ra­tions are scal­able, and vision com­mu­ni­ca­tion and pro­cess­ing is high-speed. There is a direct cam­era con­nec­tion with a CPU, and the sen­sor head is all-in-one with the cam­era, lens, enclo­sure, and LED light. Object locat­ing made pos­si­ble by the Geo­met­ric Pat­tern Match­ing tool, basic sort­ing, image play­back, dynam­ic win­dows, and error proof­ing are stan­dard fea­tures. iRVi­sion can com­pen­sate for light fluc­tu­a­tion with the auto expo­sure mode, and it can check the dis­tance between two lines with the caliper func­tion. Final­ly, the His­togram Tool rec­og­nizes if there is enough space around the piece for the grip­per by visu­al­iz­ing grey scales.

iRVi­sion makes four process­es pos­si­ble: 2D Sin­gle, in which the cam­era and cable are con­nect­ed to the con­troller for a sin­gle cam­era option; 2D Mul­ti­ple, in which a cam­era mul­ti­plex­er is added for two to four cam­eras, pro­vid­ing infor­ma­tion from mul­ti­ple cam­eras to find the cor­rect posi­tion; 3D Sin­gle, in which a 3DL sin­gle-sen­sor sys­tem is added for appli­ca­tions that require 3D vision; and 3D Mul­ti­sen­sor, which is nec­es­sary for 2D and 3D processing.

There are sev­er­al inte­grat­ed robot­ic vision prod­ucts Fanuc offers. 2D Vision Guid­ance, the main plat­form for iRVi­sion, can move the robot to the loca­tion of the part accu­rate­ly with­out the need for posi­tion­ing fix­tures. 3DL Vision Guid­ance uses a 3DL sen­sor to project lasers to quick­ly find parts’ posi­tions and ori­en­ta­tions. Pre­ci­sion is para­mount because of its abil­i­ty to adjust in accor­dance with the avail­able infor­ma­tion. Visu­al Line Track­ing enables the robot to pick prod­ucts from a mov­ing con­vey­or. The parts’ speed, posi­tion, and direc­tion are deter­mined by an encoder attached to the belt which sends the infor­ma­tion to iRVi­sion. Up to four robots can be used, all con­nect­ed to a sin­gle vision sys­tem. Vision Guid­ed Depal­letiz­ing spe­cial­izes in pick­ing, pack­ing, and pal­letiz­ing with a 2D cam­era that can lever­age the size of parts. Vision Shift helps com­pen­sate for gaps in prod­uct spac­ing dur­ing arc or spot weld­ing that arise after offline pro­gram­ming. Last, the Dig­i­tal Video Mon­i­tor will cre­ate an image or video of pro­duc­tion. Timers or event trig­gers can begin the record­ing process.

With these process­es and options, and it clear that iRVi­sion is an illu­mi­nat­ing soft­ware plat­form. Even though iRVi­sion was cre­at­ed by Fanuc Robot­ics, Robots​.com can sup­ply and imple­ment iRVi­sion into a robot sys­tem. Con­tact Robots​.com today to find out how to inte­grate your iRVi­sion or call 8777626881.

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