Clear iRVision

iRVision for Fanuc robots is very easy to use, set-up, and has simple application building. Vision systems help to increase the precision and accuracy of the robotic system, overall creating a more effective manufacturing environment. iRVision is definitely an option you will want to integrate onto your production line.

Clear iRVision


“I can see clearly now….since I have iRVision.” Fanuc developed an all-inclusive robotic vision product entitled iRVision so that users can enjoy a fully integrated vision system instead of relying on a third party company. Fanuc offers the support of one supplier for not only the robot, but also all of the key vision components. All of Fanuc’s R-30iA controllers are equipped with iRVision. All iRVision products have a camera integrated with the robot controller, with the purpose of eliminating the need for a PC on the factory floor. A camera and a cable are all this system needs for accurate and efficient part location.

iRVision is extremely easy to use, with quick set-up options and simple application building. The instruction set is integrated. The vision system configurations are scalable, and vision communication and processing is high-speed. There is a direct camera connection with a CPU, and the sensor head is all-in-one with the camera, lens, enclosure, and LED light. Object locating made possible by the Geometric Pattern Matching tool, basic sorting, image playback, dynamic windows, and error proofing are standard features. iRVision can compensate for light fluctuation with the auto exposure mode, and it can check the distance between two lines with the caliper function. Finally, the Histogram Tool recognizes if there is enough space around the piece for the gripper by visualizing grey scales.

iRVision makes four processes possible: 2D Single, in which the camera and cable are connected to the controller for a single camera option; 2D Multiple, in which a camera multiplexer is added for two to four cameras, providing information from multiple cameras to find the correct position; 3D Single, in which a 3DL single-sensor system is added for applications that require 3D vision; and 3D Multisensor, which is necessary for 2D and 3D processing.

There are several integrated robotic vision products Fanuc offers. 2D Vision Guidance, the main platform for iRVision, can move the robot to the location of the part accurately without the need for positioning fixtures. 3DL Vision Guidance uses a 3DL sensor to project lasers to quickly find parts’ positions and orientations. Precision is paramount because of its ability to adjust in accordance with the available information. Visual Line Tracking enables the robot to pick products from a moving conveyor. The parts’ speed, position, and direction are determined by an encoder attached to the belt which sends the information to iRVision. Up to four robots can be used, all connected to a single vision system. Vision Guided Depalletizing specializes in picking, packing, and palletizing with a 2D camera that can leverage the size of parts. Vision Shift helps compensate for gaps in product spacing during arc or spot welding that arise after offline programming. Last, the Digital Video Monitor will create an image or video of production. Timers or event triggers can begin the recording process.

With these processes and options, and it clear that iRVision is an illuminating software platform. Even though iRVision was created by Fanuc Robotics, is an authorized integrator for Fanuc and can supply and implement iRVision into a robot system. Contact today to find out how to integrate your iRVision or call 877-762-6881.