Clearing the Air with Motoman Cleanroom Robots

Motoman cleanroom robots can work in pharmaceutical or electronic environments where particles or dust need to be controlled. In addition to the clean environment that they contribute to a production line, cleanroom robots also bring fast speeds and higher quality products, 24/7.

Clearing the Air with Motoman Cleanroom Robots


Cleanrooms are rooms usually found in industries, like the pharmaceutical and electronics industries, that need to keep the particles around their products under a certain level. Motoman cleanroom robots are made with special parts and coatings that are able to actively work in these rooms, because they are not in danger of throwing particles and dust into the air at high rates during their operating processes.

So, why invest in a Motoman cleanroom robotic system instead of just keeping your cleanroom processes manual? That is simple – elevated quality. Just like any other application a Motoman robot can perform, cleanroom robotics are faster than any manual application, which means that products are able to be completed and sent out to the consumer at a faster rate.

Of course, speed is not the only advantage of a cleanroom robot though. Because cleanrooms cannot have more than a certain number of particles in the air at any time, it makes sense for a manufacturer to automate the entire cleanroom process. While humans have to go in and out of cleanrooms and may bring in different organisms and particles with them, robots remain stationery in the cleanrooms at all times. This means that Motoman robotic cleanroom systems do not pose the same threat to product contamination as humans do, which saves the company on wasted products from contamination or worker errors.

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