Consistency and Reliability with Robotic Spot Welders

Robotic spot welding will bring consistency and reliability to your production line. Spot welding robots can be used in a wide range of applications such as automotive, aerospace, rail and defense industries. They can bring greater levels of speed and accuracy to the manufacturing process.

Consistency and Reliability with Robotic Spot Welders


Robotic spot welding is one of the most common uses for robot welding systems today. Spot welding robots are used in several different industries, including the automotive, aerospace, rail and defense industries. Robotic spot welders are consistent and reliable, while also contributing a higher level of speed and accuracy to the application.

Spot welding is not an easy job, especially when it is performed manually. Spot welding guns are heavy and awkward, and it can be difficult for a welder to reach certain angles. With the help of robotic spot welding systems, this is no longer a problem for many manufacturers. Spot welding robotics are able to reach those difficult welding angles because of extended reach and rotation abilities.

Like many other types of applications taken over by robots, spot welding can be a dangerous application for workers. While burns are always a concern when working with an application like welding, there is also the issue of arc glare, which can damage the eyes, and welding fumes, which can cause issues for the respiratory system. An investment in a robotic spot welder will take the worker away from the dangerous area, and put them behind the robot as an operator. This also allows the worker to learn new, marketable skills. It is a win-win for the employer and the employee – increased production, decreased production interruptions and better skills.

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