Continued growth for Motoman Robotics

For over three decades, Motoman has been innovating and improving the automation systems worldwide with their robotics. Motoman offers a wide range of robots for a variety of applications such as assembly, welding, painting, and more. Motoman robotics offer improved performances on the production line for drilling, polishing, painting, coating, welding, or assembly.

Continued growth for Motoman Robotics


Motoman Robotics has been improving the manufacturing lines of companies worldwide for more than 30 years. While the first robots served the automotive industry for assembly, welding and painting, Motoman robots have grown far beyond the restraints of those first three applications, branching out into different industries and processes.

While Motoman robots have been growing and changing with the automotive industry for more than three decades, these robots are now also branching out to work with other forms of transportation. The aerospace industry is one of the newer transportation industries to support robot growth and integration from Motoman and other companies. These industrial robots can drill, polish, paint, coat, weld and assemble aircraft faster and more accurately than human hands, which is why more growth is expected in the future.

Another area where Motoman Robotics has continued to help grow is the medical and pharmaceutical industries. With a Motoman material handling robot, pharmaceutical companies can use robots to sort medications and package them appropriately with little to no worker error. Other healthcare industries are growing with the use of Motoman robots as well. Companies are using Motoman robotic systems for surgeries, along with several other uses in the medical and surgical fields. Because of the accuracy that comes with a Motoman robot, it is almost a given that they would be used for such precise procedures.

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