Critical Uses for Dispensing Robots

Robotic dispensing is critical for dispensing applications as it brings amazing precision, accuracy, and efficiency to the production line. Dispensing robots are easy to integrate and use, making them imperative for assembly and manufacturing processes today.

Critical Uses for Dispensing Robots


Dispensing automation is critical for time efficiency and product precision. Robots can dispense a wide variety of materials, saving their users time, money, and the tedium of a monotonous, potentially hazardous, process.

Dispensing robots are crucial for many assembly and manufacturing processes. Fluid dispensing, from inline to batching, can be achieved using a robot. Robots can dispense sealants, adhesives, coatings, gaskets, inks, and solder paste, to name a few. The motion control in an automated system allows easy programming of dots, stripes, arcs, or patterns on different planes. Dispensing is not limited to fluid, however. For example, large vats of concrete may need to be moved from one location to another, or dispensed. Some companies need wire or tape to be dispensed. Even something as minute as DNA genetic material can be dispensed using an automated system. Regardless of the material, robotic dispensing increases accuracy and decreases time spent dispensing.

One of the leading uses of dispensing systems is for medications. A dispensing device does not only fill prescriptions, but also dispenses the medications in the proper amount. Robotic dispensing reduces human error like accidentally grabbing the wrong medicine, or providing the medicine in the incorrect amount. Not only is human error reduced, but also, the human factor is increased. Instead of standing in the back filling prescriptions, the pharmacist can be in the front, talking with the customer about his medical needs. The robots can handle the product while the pharmacist handles the people, increasing customer satisfaction. Also, robotic dispensing improves efficiency in a busy pharmacy by speeding the process of filling and retrieving medicine, and cuts costs simultaneously.

No matter what the robot dispensing automation system is used for, it will benefit the user. is an authorized integrator of Motoman, Fanuc, Motoman, Universal Robots, and KUKA robots. We carry a large variety of dispensing robots. If you would like to learn more or purchase a dispensing robot, contact us at 877-762-6881.