Cutting Costs with Waterjet Robots

Jun 13, 2013

An automated waterjet cutting system will help to save you costs while also speeding up productivity on your production line. Waterjet cutting robots use high-pressure water to cut through materials.

Waterjet robots

Water­jet cut­ting robots are a great way to cut pro­duc­tion costs. These robots eas­i­ly remove mate­r­i­al with pre­ci­sion and can han­dle impec­ca­ble speeds. Using a high-pres­sure jet of water to cut through soft mate­ri­als like rub­ber and food. Some­times abra­sives are added to the water­jet stream to cut hard­er mate­ri­als like met­al and granite.

Though the method of water­jet cut­ting has been around since the 1800s when high pres­sured water was used to erode rock dur­ing hydraulic min­ing, it did not find its way into the indus­tri­al world until the 1930s, where it was used for paper cut­ting. It wasn’t until years lat­er that robot­ics were intro­duced to the equa­tion and the pres­sure was amped up for faster cut­ting abilities.

Water­jet cut­ting is used today because it speeds up pro­duc­tiv­i­ty on the line. Improv­ing through­put cuts pro­duc­tion costs for the man­u­fac­tur­er while ramp­ing up rev­enue. Waste is also reduced due to con­sis­tent and pre­cise cut­ting, extra mate­r­i­al is elim­i­nat­ed and less room for error with indus­tri­al robots. 

Among the forms of robot cut­ting sys­tems like laser and plas­ma cut­ting, robot­ic water­jet cut­ting is the fastest and most flex­i­ble method of cut­ting. It is com­mon­ly used for most plas­tics, foam, rub­ber, leather, com­pos­ites, stone, tile, met­als, food and paper. How­ev­er, it is not an effec­tive appli­ca­tion for cut­ting glass, dia­monds or some ceramics.

Water­jet robots can eas­i­ly be pro­grammed to adjust to uneven sur­faces and thick­ness, along with odd-shaped prod­ucts. This form of cut­ting is used in sev­er­al indus­tries, includ­ing the auto­mo­tive, min­ing and aero­space industry.

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