Dispensing Variety with ABB Robots

ABB dispensing robots can dispense several types of materials including paint, coatings, and adhesives. These dispensing robots can increase the overall throughput, consistency, and prouduct quality on your production line. This means that customers will get their product faster than ever.

Dispensing Variety with ABB Robots


Dispensing is one of the most critical parts to many production lines. Robots, like those from ABB Robotics, can dispense several different kinds of materials, including paint, coatings and adhesives, and do so in a manner that is faster than any application performed manually.

Speed is an important part of the dispensing process. ABB dispensing robots are able to apply material quickly and move on to the next part. In fields like automotives, this is the difference between building 50 cars in a shift and building 250 cars in a shift. By using dispensing robots from ABB, robot can apply adhesives and other materials to parts faster, which means that the overall production speed is boosted, and products will get out to the consumer faster than ever before.

Another application that benefits from the speed of the ABB robot dispenser is the painting application. When manufacturers apply paint to parts in a paint booth, they want it applied quickly and accurately, so the paint can dry on the parts or vehicle, and they can then move to the finishing stations. Once again, the use of ABB robotic dispensers in paint booths can boost the overall productivity of the line, churning out several more products than possible with manual applications, without sacrificing the quality of the products.

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