Engines and Glass in Flint, Michigan

Nov 4, 2013

GM motors has engine operations in Flint, Michigan. Also found in Flint is PPG Industries that deals in special coatings, fiberglass and glass. Industrial robots are bringing product consistency to both of these production lines as well as an increased worker safety environment.


Flint, Michi­gan has seen a lot of hard­ship in the last 10 years. Once a boom­ing indus­tri­al metrop­o­lis and the birth­place of Gen­er­al Motors, Flint went into receiver­ship in 2002, and the econ­o­my has been slow to recov­er. How­ev­er, despite the econ­o­my, there are some indus­tri­al man­u­fac­tur­ers that decid­ed to stick it out in Flint and keep the city alive.

GM now has an engine oper­a­tions plant in Flint. The fac­to­ry builds motors for sev­er­al dif­fer­ent GM mod­els, and has seen sev­er­al invest­ments from GM for fur­ther fac­to­ry improve­ments and expan­sions. How could GM ben­e­fit from robot­ic automa­tion? Well, that’s sim­ple. Robots have the pre­ci­sion and accu­ra­cy nec­es­sary build engines and improve the pro­duc­tion speed of the fac­to­ry line. An invest­ment in robots for the engine oper­a­tion line would mean less down­time and more product.

Anoth­er large indus­try that has a base in Flint, PPG Indus­tries, can also ben­e­fit from robot­ic automa­tion. This com­pa­ny deals in spe­cial coat­ings, fiber­glass and glass, among oth­er things. Robots not only coat more even­ly than the human hand, but they also use less prod­uct, which saves the com­pa­ny mon­ey. Also, when a com­pa­ny like PPG invests in cut­ting robots, they increase the health lev­el for their employ­ees by tak­ing them away from dan­ger­ous par­ti­cles that are some­times released dur­ing the cut­ting process.

All in all, Flint is on its way, though it may nev­er see its pre­vi­ous hay day again.

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