Enhancing Productivity with the Motoman ArcWorld 1000 Welding Cell

The Motoman ArcWorld 1000 is the perfect way to enhance the productivity on your production line. It is a light to medium volume production welding cell, saving you space and time. Manufacturers typically choose the Motoman MA1440 for this cell because it is the world's fastest arc welding robots. Contact RobotWorx representatives today if you are interested in integrating an ArcWorld 1000.

Enhancing Productivity with the Motoman ArcWorld 1000 Welding Cell

Motoman ArcWorld 1000 robot workcell

Upgrading automation is not something that should scare manufacturers. Instead, they should be leaping at the chance to kick their productivity up a notch. One way to enhance the productivity of a shop is to integrate a Motoman ArcWorld 1000for arc welding applications. This light to medium-volume production welding cell can save space while also saving time.

The Motoman ArcWorld 1000 is designed as a space-saving cell, consisting of one or two robots, controllers, welding packages, a positioner table, and a safety package. The equipment base can be moved to allow technicians easy access during maintenance. Also, the common equipment base design, complete with forklift pickets and preassembled fencing, allow for fast installation.

What kind of robots are included with the AW-1000? A popular choice is either one or two of the Motoman MA1440 robots, the world’s fastest arc welding robots. These robots are part of the Master Arc series, and they have the ability to reduce cycle times by 15 percent, which can greatly boost productivity, according to Motoman. When choosing two robots for the AW 1000, manufacturers can expect double productivity. The MSR positioner series included in the ArcWorld 1000 is engineered to accommodate both single and multiple fixture part runs, allowing for loading and unloading of one part, while another is being welded.

The Motoman AW1000 also includes improved safeguarding, which will keep workers safe during the welding process. Manufacturers need not worry with integrated fencing, light curtains, and a protective screen on the positioner. This robot welding cell is complete with all the latest robot safety standards (ANSI/RIA R15.06-2012).

Are you interested in learning more about the ArcWorld 1000 welding cell from Motoman? Then you should give us a call. RobotWorx is a certified integrator for several different robotics companies, including Motoman. Our staff will work with you to help you build and customize the perfect robotic welding cell for your facility.

For more information, contact RobotWorx today at 740-251-4312 or reach us online.

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