Enhancing Reliability with Used Motoman Bonding and Sealing Robots

Motoman Robotics is a leading producer for industrial robots and is known across the globe for their ability to enhance reliability on the production line. RobotWorx is proud to offer users both new and used robots for a variety of applications, including bonding and sealing robots. These used bonding and sealing robots are a fraction of the price of a new system, but bring the same reliability and productivity to the production line.

Enhancing Reliability with Used Motoman Bonding and Sealing Robots


Motoman Robotics has been producing robots for several decades, and the longevity of those robots is known all over the world. That is why used Motoman robots, including those that perform bonding and sealing applications, are found in all kinds of different industries and markets. These robot systems cost only a fraction of the price that is paid for a new system, but they are also reliable, and they are friendly to the worker as well.

Worker safety should be one of the most important aspects of manufacturing for any company. That is why investing in used bonding and sealing robotics from Motoman is so important. The adhesives used in the bonding and sealing processes can release chemicals like mercury and dioxins, which are extremely unhealthy for any worker in the vicinity. By using the Motoman bonding and sealing robot systems, workers are put in safer, more rewarding jobs, far from the hazardous conditions that take place during the dispensing application.

Still wondering about the reliability of a used Motoman bonding and sealing robot? Well, don’t fret! Companies like RobotWorx, a certified robotics integrator, works with Motoman robots all the time. RobotWorx will buy a used robot, like a Motoman robotic bonder and sealer, and then the company will strip it down, put it through a extensive reconditioning process, repair it, clean it and repaint it before putting it out on the sales floor for customers.

Are you interested in learning more about used bonding and sealing robots from Motoman and how RobotWorx reconditions them to work like new? If so, then you should call us today. Our staff is on hand to answer any questions and get you on your way to building and customizing the perfect robotic system for your facility.

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