Exciting New E-Series from Universal Robots

Universal Robots have released the E-series to include the UR3-e, UR5-e, and UR10-e that provide even simpler user interface and programming plus a force torque sensor in axis 6! Universal Robots continues to provide quick and reliable innovations!

Exciting New E-Series from Universal Robots

Universal Robots is excited to announce the release of a new series called the E-series which includes three new robots: the UR3-e, UR5-e, and UR10-e. Universal Robots excels at designing automated solutions that bring maximum safety, ROI, and potential to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

The recently released e-series does all of this and more as it provides rapid automation deployment, unparalleled simplicity, and diverse application coverage. A robot operator with no programming ability can quickly setup a UR robot and begin immediate programming. These robots are also lightweight, space saving, and quick to re-deploy to other applications and other areas in your production line.

Universal Robots URe Series

Picture Courtesy of Universal Robot

What are the New Features?

The e-series provides exciting new capabilities such as a force torque sensor in Axis 6, even greater resolution HMI with Capacitive touch, and even simpler navigation and programming.


The new Universal Robot Pendant has streamlined the user interface layout so there are less clicks to reach common commands. This provides simpler programming, easier navigation, and higher resolution HMI with Capacitive touchscreen. There are also new languages available and all software has been updated on common .urp method.

Axis 6

There are new serial comms available for the user to Axis 6 (no cable for RS-485 type grippers (robotiq etc.) The E-series also offers faster polling rates on joints and overall better control due to the 500Hz system bus up the arm– up from 125Hz on CB3 controller. Also, 2Amps of peak current on User digital outputs.

This Axis also includes a Force Torque sensor that provides the ability for out of the box sanding / polishing / assembly type force feedback controls. Additionally, the software wizard on-board robot provides automatic payload estimation.

Main Control board

The new main control board provides 20 digital in and 16 digital out.

Two new Programmable Safety functions

To provide an even safer experience there are new programmable safety functions that help provide better Stopping time and distance. Furthermore, the safety rated elbow monitoring provides force and angle.

E-Series Robots

UR3e - E Series Universal Robot

The UR3e provides a 3 kg payload of 3 kg and a 500 mm reach radius. There is 360-degree rotation on all wrist joints and infinite rotation on the end joint. This small yet powerful table-top cobot handles high precision and light assembly tasks with ease.

UR5e - E Series Universal Robot

Offering a great balance between size a power, the UR5-e provides a larger payload at 5 kg and longer reach at 850 mm. It is ideal for automating low-weight processing task and is equally easy to program and set up, as the medium-sized member of the Universal Robots family.

UR10e - E Series Universal Robot

The UR 10-e provides ability to automate tasks up to 10 kg with a reach of 1300 mm, with no compromise on precision. It is the most powerful in the series and can easily accomplish packaging and palletizing applications in facilities where there is a larger distance between different operating areas.

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