Factory Robot Trends Today – It’s all about intelligence

Factory robots today include the physical structure, the controller, and the payload capability. As technology continues to advance, the intelligence of robots does as well. Factory trends today are proving to show that robots will not stop advancing in their power or intelligence.

Factory Robot Trends Today – It’s all about intelligence


Factory robot trends are perpetuated by the influx of new technology that changes every day. While all robots have similar makeups, it is the technology that keeps forming new trends throughout industry.

Three things are important with any robot – the physical structure, the controller (or brain) and the payload capability. Instead of the humanoid robots that many of us are used to seeing in popular culture, these robots are usually designed to complete one or a series of specific tasks. Though the popular thought may be that factory robots are trending toward looking human – most of them, in fact, just look like long arms that are anchored to the ground, wall, shelf or suspended by an overhead track.

These industrial factory robots are rapidly approaching 1,000,000 sold, and are used for assembly lines, welding and other tasks, spread out over several industries. Some factory robots trend toward improving sewer cleanup, detecting bombs and performing surgeries, according to automation.com.

There are also new factory robotic trends emerging every day, like the addition of vision and sensors to make robots easier and safer to work with in a human-populated environment. Vision cameras can take pictures that feed information to the factory robot on what parts to pick up, and cameras installed on the production line can handle quality control, rejecting items with defects. Touch sensors can help robots sense when something has moved into their work area, allowing them to pause or even slow down the force of movement.

This kind of intelligence is trending in factory robots across the globe, allowing companies to keep a competitive edge in the ever-changing market.

According to the automation.com article, we are becoming a “robotic nation.” As the factory robots trend toward lower price points, their sales will only continue to grow. Analysts estimate that by the year 2055, there will be robots servicing almost every industry in the world.

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