FANUC Arc Welding Robots Help to Fill Skill Gaps

FANUC arc welding robots can work 24/7 without needing breaks or vacations. Robotic arc welding systems from FANUC can boost production for a wide range of production lines, helping improve their final product. ​If you are interested in adding one of these to your production line, contact RobotWorx representatives today.

FANUC Arc Welding Robots Help to Fill Skill Gaps


Manufacturing has fallen from grace as a chosen profession in the last few decades as companies have left the country to find less expensive production elsewhere. This leaves many manufacturers in a lurch when it comes to needing skilled arc welders to perform the processes necessary in their factories. That is where FANUC robotic arc welders come into play.

When a manufacturer invests in an arc welding robot from FANUC, they are investing in a “worker” that will be there all day, every day, without needing breaks, vacations or sick days. Not only are they able to fill the holes in the job market for manufacturers, but robotic welding systems from FANUC are also able to significantly boost production for manufacturers, which improves their final product and gets it out to consumers faster.

Are you interested in learning more about FANUC arc welding robots and how they can improve your production? Then you should contact RobotWorx, a certified integrator for several different robotics companies, including FANUC Robotics. Our staff with help you through every step of the integration process, answering any questions along the way.

For more information, contact RobotWorx today online or at 740-251-4312.

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