Fanuc Coating Robot: the P-250iA

The perfect Fanuc coating robot for your application is the Fanuc P-250iA. The P-250iA offers the best work envelope and motion performance in the industry. The Fanuc P-250iA also helps to reduce the operating costs while also bringing increased throughput and quality.

Fanuc Coating Robot: the P-250iA

Fanuc P250iA robot for painting

The P-250iA Fanuc coating robot is ready to tackle large painting jobs. Fanuc’s models provide the industry’s best work envelope, as well as optimal motion performance. Low operating costs are achievable with this series of robots, as well as maximum throughput and quality.

The P-250ia is equipped with a hollow wrist for efficient process integration. The outer arm makes multiple hose routing options possible, and the option exists for two motors on the outer arm.

Fanuc prides itself on its flexibility: the coating robot can be mounted on the floor, wall, or inverted, and has optional rail solutions. The resulting reach of the robot allows it to maintain precise target distances and gun orientations regardless of part size.

The application environment is clean and sanitary, due to the hollow wrist and through-arm hose routing. The plastic arm also stays clean since it reduces grounded surfaces. Waste is minimized with color valves and the in-arm gear pump and flow meter.

ROBOGUIDE PaintPRO software is available for PC-based graphical programming and coating applications. This tool allows the user to create, view, edit, and simulate robot programs.

The P-250iA series of paint and coating robots offer several process advantages, like the ability to utilize spray guns and rotary atomizers, and extremely fast acceleration motion, providing faster cycle times. The reliability and maintenance advantages are also apparent. The large wrist aperture, internally and externally sealed, proves reliable specifically in a painting environment.

The P-250iA is just one of many robots RobotWorx in Fanuc coating robots. If you would like an assessment on how to integrate a Fanuc coating robot, contact us today for more information; representatives can be contact online or at 877-762-6881.