Fanuc iRVision

Fanuc's iRvision includes a camera and a cable that enhances the motion and overall precision of the automation process. There are a variety of options you can choose to enhance your production line with Fanuc's line of vision processes.

Fanuc iRVision


iRvision is Fanuc's easy to use robot vision system. The vision system is available for all of the Fanuc R-30iA controllers. It involves only a camera and cable and is capable of part location along with error proofing. iRvision uses 2D guidance as a platform offering additional options for optimal performance.


2D Guidance- iRVision uses 2D guidance as the main platform for its vision system. 2D can precisely locate parts, eliminating the use of extra equipment for such functions. It can effortlessly adapt to changes in part position as well as find them in an X, Y, rotation plane.

3DL Sensor- This feature of iRVision is in addition to 2D guidance. It is capable of rapidly finding part positions and orientations. It has a high degree of precision when it comes to part selection due to its ability to comprehend positional information.

Visual Line Tracking- This is another feature of iRVision that is to be used in compliance with 2D guidance. This feature provides robots with the capability to pick parts from a conveyor belt. This is done through encoders that are attached to the belt, sending information to iRVision about speed, position, and direction for accurate part location.

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