Fanuc painting robots operate in a chain-on-edge environment

​Fanuc painting robots are perfect for painting and coating applications, including chain-on-edge environments. Chain on edge environments enable parts to be moved in front of a stationary robot and ensure they are painted more efficiently with little overspray. This helps save a company time, energy, and money.

Fanuc painting robots operate in a chain-on-edge environment


Fanuc painting robots are used for several different painting and coating applications. One of those applications includes painting small parts with a chain-on-edge environment.

“Chain-on-edge” allows for parts to be moved in front of a stationary robot. According to Fanuc, the parts are painted more efficiently, are able to move to other parts of the system and cause very little to no overspray.

When companies utilize the chain-on-edge-type conveyor, they are saving money in several different ways. As mentioned above, there is little overspray, which means that very little paint is wasted during the process. This saves the manufacturer on paint costs. Also, with the parts being brought in on a chain-like conveyor, companies are able to do away with the costly fixturing that would have once brought the part to the Fanuc painting robot. This, once again, saves them on material costs.

Also, manufacturers save time by using chain-on-edge. By using this method, Fanuc robot painters can do their jobs, and then the part can move on to other areas via the chain. It reduces cycle times, which also reduces costs.

Companies want their product to be high quality. Fanuc robot painting models try to strive for this by adding features like vision to help enhance the painting process. By using cameras, robotic Fanuc painting systems can easily make part changeovers, identify parts despite their orientation, error proof parts and increase throughput. Vision guidance can also help the Fanuc painting robots to assess the coverage of the paint on an object.

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