Fanuc painting robots operate in a chain-on-edge environment

Jul 29, 2013

​Fanuc painting robots are perfect for painting and coating applications, including chain-on-edge environments. Chain on edge environments enable parts to be moved in front of a stationary robot and ensure they are painted more efficiently with little overspray. This helps save a company time, energy, and money.


Fanuc paint­ing robots are used for sev­er­al dif­fer­ent paint­ing and coat­ing appli­ca­tions. One of those appli­ca­tions includes paint­ing small parts with a chain-on-edge environment.

Chain-on-edge” allows for parts to be moved in front of a sta­tion­ary robot. Accord­ing to Fanuc, the parts are paint­ed more effi­cient­ly, are able to move to oth­er parts of the sys­tem and cause very lit­tle to no overspray.

When com­pa­nies uti­lize the chain-on-edge-type con­vey­or, they are sav­ing mon­ey in sev­er­al dif­fer­ent ways. As men­tioned above, there is lit­tle over­spray, which means that very lit­tle paint is wast­ed dur­ing the process. This saves the man­u­fac­tur­er on paint costs. Also, with the parts being brought in on a chain-like con­vey­or, com­pa­nies are able to do away with the cost­ly fix­tur­ing that would have once brought the part to the Fanuc paint­ing robot. This, once again, saves them on mate­r­i­al costs.

Also, man­u­fac­tur­ers save time by using chain-on-edge. By using this method, Fanuc robot painters can do their jobs, and then the part can move on to oth­er areas via the chain. It reduces cycle times, which also reduces costs.

Com­pa­nies want their prod­uct to be high qual­i­ty. Fanuc robot paint­ing mod­els try to strive for this by adding fea­tures like vision to help enhance the paint­ing process. By using cam­eras, robot­ic Fanuc paint­ing sys­tems can eas­i­ly make part changeovers, iden­ti­fy parts despite their ori­en­ta­tion, error proof parts and increase through­put. Vision guid­ance can also help the Fanuc paint­ing robots to assess the cov­er­age of the paint on an object.

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