Fanuc PaintPro: Painting Software

Fanuc PaintPRO software is a graphical offline programming solution to make your paint process easier. Fanuc PaintTool will use paths created by PaintPro to select the part to be painted and then choose the method.

Fanuc PaintPro: Painting Software


PaintPRO software developed by Fanuc is a graphical offline programming solution that simplifies paint process development. Fanuc’s PaintTool application software will utilize the paths created by PaintPRO. The robotic paths are automatically created after the operator uses a PC to graphically select the area of the part to be painted and chooses the painting method. Next, the paths are validated within PaintPRO or downloaded to the system controller.

PaintPRO Navigator serves as a friendly tour guide, demonstrating the features in a single window with suggestions as to which order the features should be executed. For those that like to feel accomplished by checking items off a list, the ToDo list tracks the progress and checks the steps off as they are completed.

PaintPRO uses point-by-point teaching, and allows the user to graphically adjust the position and size of each paint zone. The user can also modify path parameters, including: paint stroke index, paint pattern overlap, paint fan width, paint preset, gun orientations, playback direction, and robot tip speeds.

The benefits of PaintPRO include simplified robot path programming, since the focus is on teaching instead of the robot. The time required to program robots is reduced, and the user is able to quickly evaluate different painting methods. PaintPRO automatically regenerates the paint path after a paint zone has been modified.

With paint process development this simple, PaintPRO is a perfect paint solution. can help any company integrate painting software like PaintPro. If you would like more information about painting software, please contact us online or at 877-762-6881.