Fanuc Robot Technology

For over 4 decades, Fanuc robots have provided innovative technology and automation systems that improve a variety of production lines across the globe. The Fanuc robots can assemble, paint, weld, dispense, deburr, drill, grind, and more. Fanuc robot systems improve each year with the ever evolving and improving technologies meaning you will get a very fast ROI.

Fanuc Robot Technology


Fanuc Robotics has been a leader in the robotics industry for more than 40 years, and they continue to innovate and improve their technology year after year. Fanuc produces robot technology that can assemble, paint, weld, dispense, deburr, drill and grind, along with several other applications. Their robots can be found in factories all over the world are able to continue to operate for several years after purchase.

So, why buy a robot from Fanuc? That is easy – the technology continues to improve with every year, as mentioned above, but the robots are also built strong, which means that the robot system can last decades with the right maintenance. This means that a robot be updated, and can also be sold to an integrator when you are ready to upgrade, returning even more of your initial investment.

Fanuc robot technology offers manufacturers the ability to speed up their production, while also improving the accuracy of the application. This means that products are made more quickly, and instead of sacrificing quality, the quality is enhanced.

Along with speed and accuracy, Fanuc robotic technology also offers customers iRVision, a feature that allows a robot to “see.” The robot is fitted with a series of cameras that take pictures of products on a line, and if the product doesn’t match up to the robot’s programmed algorithm, the robot will reject it. This featured technology from Fanuc Robotics allows systems to be even more accurate and perform its own quality control, which cuts down on worker error and ensures a better product for the consumer.

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