Fanuc Robot Weld Positioners Offer Accuracy

Fanuc welding robots bring incredible amounts of accuracy and consistency to a production line. The Fanuc robot weld positioners help to maintain this accuracy and are able to consistently produce top quality products.

Fanuc Robot Weld Positioners Offer Accuracy


Welding is a highly automated process in the manufacturing industry because of the high level of accuracy that welding robots have attained. However, the placement of the work piece is just as important as the robot welding it. That is why robot weld positioners are so important.

While Fanuc Robotics, a leader in robotics manufacturing, uses the same robotic welding positioners as everyone else – turnkey, ferris wheel and stationary tables – one of their most accurate positioners is the robots themselves.

As mentioned above, the accuracy of the work piece placement is just as important as the weld being made. Without proper positioning, the weld could be made in the wrong place on the metal piece, which would render the piece useless and cost the company money for downtime and replacement.

Fanuc robot weld positioning can be used for a variety of welding applications, including arc and spot welding. The M series robots, when paired with a Fanuc R-30iA controller, enable manufacturers to achieve maximum accuracy for their welding projects, according to the Fanuc website.

These weld positioning robots are controlled by an R-30iA, which has its own advanced technology and design. This efficient design includes plug and play options unique to this particular controller. The controller can also control up to 40 axes, easily allowing it to control up to six 6-axis robots, and one 4-axis robot at a time.

The robot weld positioner from Fanuc also uses Fanuc software that enables an easy integration and seamless, user-friendly application, the website stated.

RobotWorx, a certified integrator for Fanuc Robotics, has access to the entire Fanuc line, including their arc and spot welding robots and their M series robot welding positioners. Our highly-qualified staff is well-versed in Fanuc technology and can help our customers to design and build the perfect Fanuc welding workcell or robot system for their facility, including the right positioner.

For more information about automating your welding process with a Fanuc welder and robot weld positioner, contact RobotWorx online or at 877-762-6881.