FANUC Similarities – the M-16iB/20, ArcMate 120iBe, and M-20iA

FANUC robots makes a wide range of systems available to help solve your production needs. Three ARC Mate robots that are versatile and can perform a multitude of processes include the 120iBE, the M-16iB/20, and the M-20iA robot. They have a great repeatability and reach and will improve the overall product quality of your production line.

FANUC Similarities – the M-16iB/20, ArcMate 120iBe, and M-20iA


FANUC makes a variety of robots that are able to perform a vast array of tasks – everything from arc and spot welding, to material handling, dispensing, and material removal functions. While not every FANUC robot can perform every function on its own, many are versatile enough to perform a multitude of processes, giving them similar attributes. Three of these robots are the FANUC ARC Mate 120iBe, the FANUC M-16iB/20, and the FANUC M-20iA.

Right off the bat, the easiest similarity between these robots is that they are all six-axis industrial robots. However, that is just the tip of the iceberg. All of these robots have a 20kg payload. The ARC Mate 120iBe, M-16iB/20, and M-20iA all have a 0.08 level of repeatability. They also have similar speeds and motion ranges for their various joints. The ARC Mate 120iBe and M16iB/20 have a reach of 1667mm, while the M20iA has a bit longer reach of 1811mm. They all also have a variety of mounting options, including floor, ceiling, angle, and wall mounting.

While the ARC Mate 120iBe shares the ability to perform cutting tasks with the M-16iB/20 and the M-20iA, it is primarily used as a welding robot, while the other two robot models are used for functions other than welding. The M-16iB/20 and the M-20iA are both built for many different applications, including assembly, dispensing, material handling, machine loading and unloading, material removal, waterjet cutting, laser cutting, and packing. The M-20iA is also able to perform picking and machine tending applications.

While the names of their controllers may be different, these three robots are controlled in the exact same way. The ARC Mate 120iBe uses a FANUC RJ3iC controller, while the M-20iA and M-16iB/20 use the R-30iA controller. These controllers perform very similar functions for the robots they control. Both controllers are able to control up to 40 axes, and both controllers cut down on vibrations in the robotic systems, allowing for reduced acceleration and deceleration times for the robots it controls.

Overall, the FANUC ARC Mate 120iBe and the M-16iB/20 share many similar attributes and capabilities with the M-20iA. All of these robots also carry the long-standing tradition of quality and excellence that comes with a FANUC industrial robot.

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