Flexible Spot Welding with the Motoman VS50 Robot

The Motoman VS50 has an integrated spot welding harness to facilitate programming and keep maintenance costs down. ​The VS50 also brings great accuracy, speed, and strength to the spot welding production line. The Motoman VS50 has 7 degrees of freedom, flexible reach, and an overall enlarged range of motion.

Flexible Spot Welding with the Motoman VS50 Robot


Spot welding is one of the oldest robotic welding applications on the market, but it is also one that has remained common in several industries, including the automotive industry. Motoman Robotics has an extensive line of spot welding robots. One of their older, yet reliable spot welders is the VS50 robot. Like many other spot welding robots, the VS50 has speed, accuracy and strength, but it also has flexibility, which comes in handy for companies that are looking to save money.

One of the greatest benefits of the VS50 robot is its reach flexibility. With seven degrees of freedom, it has an enlarged range of motion. This type of reach can come in handy when spot welding large parts or parts on two separate sizes of the production line. And, because the Motoman VS50 is ideal for flexible, high-density layouts, it helps manufacturers reduce cycle times. This boost in productivity could allow manufacturers to easily decrease production costs.

Another benefit of the Motoman VS50 is the integrated spot welding harness. This harness helps to facilitate programming for the robot, while also keeping maintenance costs down. This harness holds most of the wires and cables inside, greatly reducing wear and tear, which means less future maintenance and part replacement.

RobotWorx is an official Yaskawa Motoman Robotics Solution Provider. Our relationship with Motoman allows us to provide better deals at lower prices, especially on used robots like the VS50. If you're interested in a spot welding robot, like this one, contact us today by filling out our contact form or call us at 740-251-4312 to get a quick price quote. We can help you make the best decision on which exact spot welding model is best for your specific production set up.

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