GE and Industrial Robot Automation

Industrial robot automation will provide the best results with software that is complementary to your application process. This was seen in GE factories who have developed industrial robot automation software solutions to help increase production time and decrease the downtime.

GE and Industrial Robot Automation


Having the right software is absolutely critical to the building the right automation system for a facility production line. Without software, manufacturers have no way to program their robots. Companies like GE have developed industrial robot automation software solutions that ensure manufacturers accurate production with minimized downtime.

GE, which stands for General Electric, has developed Human Machine Interface/Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (HMI/SCADA) software that allows manufacturers accurate production and process data access, according to the GE website. With this type of software, GE allows customers to visualize robotic operations, along with the ability to accurately monitor every aspect of the production process. This means that operators also have access to places where there may be production issues. One example would be monitoring production speed and accuracy and finding a discrepancy, which may show that there is a bad end effector somewhere on the line that is causing problems.

GE robot software basically increases the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the production line, which in turn, increases the quality of product that is being manufactured, while also reducing production costs. There are several robot software solutions offered by GE, including Proficy HMI/SCADA – Cimplicity, Proficy HMI/SCADA –iFIX and Proficy Pulse, along with other productivity packs. These GE software programs allow operators to gain visibility, which is one of the most important and critical parts of successful production. By increasing visibility of the automation process in real-time, operators are able to make decisions faster, which enhances production uptime and saves the company money on lost production time.

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