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Are end effectors included in the robot integration package?

 robotic end effectors

End-effectors are attached to the end of the robot arm and are the part of the robotic system that actually interacts with parts and materials. A variety of robotic end effectors exist, each suited for a specific task or application. Some examples include grippers, welding guns, vacuum pumps, blowtorches, and drills.

End effectors are also known as:

- Robotic accessories
- Robotic peripherals
- Robotic tools
- End of arm tooling (EOAT)

When you receive a price quote for a robot, this may not include additional accessories unless specified with the sales team beforehand.  However, RobotWorx can easily include the price of the end effector into the robot package quote.  Our sales team and engineers can help you determine which effector is best suited for your application needs and specifications. 

To speak with an expert about automating your application contact the RobotWorx technical support staff at 740-251-4312 for more information about robot end effectors.