Gunslingers on gun control: A robotic perspective

Robotic welding guns have enhanced product quality and made applications faster and more efficient. There are a variety of welding guns available on the market today, so contact representatives to find the perfect one for your automation needs.

Gunslingers on gun control: A robotic perspective


Gun control is a “hot-button” issue in the United States and has been for years. From U.S. president assassinations to decades of school shooting tragedies, humans have become polarized on their stance on the issue. But we are talking about robotic welding gun control.

Over the years, robotic welding guns have improved to enhance the quality, as well as the control, during welding applications.

A robotic welder uses a process which applies intense heat to two metal work pieces, causing the metal to melt and intermix, uniting the pieces. Automotive industries, steel industries, and beyond have taken advantage of automated robotic welding systems because of the control these industrial arms have on their welding guns.

With the help of software simulations and 3-D vision systems, welding robots have more control over their guns. Welds are higher quality, and applications are faster and more efficient than ever before.

There are several different welding guns available on the market today. Welding guns can be integrated with several industrial robots, including those made by Fanuc, Motoman and KUKA.

Tregaskiss, a manufacturer of MIG welding guns, offers buyers the TOUGH GUN series of welding guns. This series is engineered for reliability, resilience and repeatability during the welding process. These guns are controlled by built-in systems that ensure precise alignment during each welding application.

Another manufacturer, Fronius International, makes a laser hybrid welding gun that stabilizes the laser welding process and keeps welding spatter-free, even at the highest speed, increase safety in the work environment. The LaserHybrid can weld aluminum, steel, galvanized steel and high grade steels up to 4mm in thickness, giving the manufacturer flexibility.

Lincoln Electric offers the manufacturer flexibility in welding applications. Lincoln has several different types of welding guns for MIG welding, TIG welding, Arc welding, pulsed MIG welding, stick welding, etc. The MAGNUM Pro series is engineered for easy repair, has a high performing arc, and can be purchased in either a through-arm version or an external dress version.

Everyone knows that safety is an important factor in gun control. Not only can robotic welders work hours without fatigue, but they also up the safety level of their factory environment by keeping humans out of the way of hazardous fumes and intense heat.

When it comes to gun safety, robotic welders have the issue under control., an integrator of industrial robot arms, helps manufacturers automate their welding processes, matching them with the right robot and the right welding gun to fit the application and level of control they need. works with robotic welding arms from several including Fanuc, KUKA, ABB, Universal Robots, and Motoman, as well as welding guns from those manufacturers listed above. If you feel you are ready to find out more information about automating your welding process, contact a sales team member at today online or at 877-762-6881.