High Speed Fanuc Picking Robot

Fanuc's M-430iA is a 5-axis, high speed, robot that accomplishes high speed picking and packing operations. The M-430iA has an IP67 rating which means it can withstand food washdown and acidic or alkaline cleaners. It has one of the best speeds in its class and best in class wrist movement as well.

High Speed Fanuc Picking Robot


Fanuc’s M-430iA/2F is a revolutionary high-speed picking and packing robot. Its design is optimal for sustained picking to meet the needs of the food industry. It is equipped for both primary (unpackaged) and secondary (packaged) food handling.

The M-430iA is a 5-axis electric servo-driven robot supported by the intelligent robot control system. It works with Fanuc’s intelligent visual tracking for high -speed picking and packing operations.

The robot can withstand food washdown and acidic or alkaline cleaners used in washdown (rating of IP67). It is resistant to bacteria growth and rust, and it is manufactured with food-grade grease and parts. It can be mounted in a variety of positions and is flexible in tight workspaces. It boasts the best speed in class at high payload and the best-in-class wrist movement. It has a large work enveloped with 1130 mm reach and a 2 kg capacity.

While designed with the food industry in mind, the M-430iA can pick products like food, beverages, candy, medical supplies, cosmetics, household products, office supplies, and more.

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