How the Motoman HP20 works

Nov 17, 2013

Bringing the production line one of the most versatile robots yet, the Motoman HP20 can weld, handle material and remove material better than the best. Companies around the world are using industrial robots to create a competitive advantage and bring versatility to the production line.


The Motoman HP20 is one of the most ver­sa­tile mod­els made by Motoman today. The robot can weld, han­dle mate­r­i­al and remove mate­r­i­al with the best of them. It is used in indus­tries around the world. How­ev­er, it is not just the end-of-arm tool­ing that is impor­tant when look­ing at this robot and its work. It just as impor­tant to look under the prover­bial hood, and see how it runs.

The most impor­tant parts on the HP 20 would prob­a­bly have to be the ser­vo­mo­tors. With­out the ser­vo­mo­tors direct­ing pow­er to the gears of the robot, the robot would not be able to move or per­form process­es effi­cient­ly on the job site. There are four ser­vo­mo­tors, part num­bers SGMRS-12A2B-YR11, SGMRS-13A2A-YR11, SGMRS-06A2B-YR11 and SGMPH-02A2A-YR11, which oper­ate the motor func­tions of the Motoman HP-20.

Anoth­er impor­tant ele­ment to the inner work­ings of the HP20 are the speed reduc­ers that are locat­ed on each axis. The speed reduc­ers, part num­bers HW9381641‑B, HW9381641‑A, HW9280880‑A, HW0381463‑A, HW9381633‑A and HW0382140‑A, are able to slow the out­put from the ser­vo­mo­tors and direct the pow­er to oth­er areas of the robot to make the robot per­form more effectively.

One of the last inter­nal parts impor­tant to the Motoman HP 20’s per­for­mance is the inter­nal wiring, part num­bers HW0171559‑A and HW0270954‑A. The inter­nal wiring is respon­si­ble from run­ning pow­er and infor­ma­tion from the pow­er sup­ply and robot con­troller to the robot itself. With­out the wiring, the robot would not be able to move or do its job.

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