How the Six-Button Operator Station Works

The operator station in a workcell can help train their employees on the workcell in a matter of days. All of the six buttons on an operator station has a specific function. Two buttons have safety functions and the other four are used to operate and reset the robot to its point of origin.

How the Six-Button Operator Station Works


A robotic work cell may seem like a daunting piece of machinery that you have to study for months or years before operating, but that is not the case. With user-friendly interfaces like the six-button operator station, companies can train their employees on these work cells in a matter of days, and sometimes hours, even if the employees have no prior experience with robotics.

There are six buttons on the operator station that all have very different functions. Two buttons have safety functions, and the other four are used to operate and reset the robot to its point of origin. The operation buttons are pretty easy to explain: The External Start button starts the robot program; the Hold button holds the robot in a non-emergency situation, allowing it to come to a slow stop; the Job A button verifies for the robot that the work piece has been secured safely in the A side of the work cell, and the robot can begin its application; and the Default Reset button is tied in with the teach pendant and resets the robot if the robot has a non-safety alarm of any kind. These buttons work to ensure that an operator can easily start and stop the operation process as necessary from the station.

The other two buttons are important to the safety of the operator and everyone around the work cell when it is in operation. These buttons on the 6-button operator station are the Emergency Stop button and the Safety Reset button. The Emergency Stop button immediately kills all power to the robot and work cell in case of an emergency. The Safety Resent button lights up when any safety precaution is violated during the operation of the work cell. The robot will stop operation, and once the situation has been corrected, the operator must hit the button to communicate to the robot that it is safe to continue operating.

All in all, the 6 button operator station is a great asset to any robotic work cell, because of its ease of use and the lower amount of training time needed to learn to use it properly.

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