How To Specify the Right Industrial Robot

Apr 25, 2012

When you decide to automate your process with an industrial robot, it is important to consider all of the options and specifications of each robot. Different robot arms are designed for a multitude of purposes, so contact representatives today to discuss all of your options and narrow down the perfect robot for your production line.


When think­ing about automat­ing any indus­tri­al appli­ca­tion, spec­i­fy­ing an indus­tri­al robot arm that can ful­fill the goals of the appli­ca­tion is an impor­tant begin­ning step. In order to select an indus­tri­al robot arm that will be a good match for the com­pa­ny, the indus­tri­al appli­ca­tion and oth­er fac­tors should be considered.

Dif­fer­ent robot arms are designed to per­form spe­cif­ic appli­ca­tions. For exam­ple, if an arc weld­ing task is being auto­mat­ed, the user would not want to inte­grate a Fanuc R‑2000iA. The R‑2000iA is designed to auto­mate mate­r­i­al han­dling tasks. A bet­ter robot arm choice would be either a Fanuc ARC Mate robot arm or a Motoman VA1400 arm. Spec­i­fy­ing a robot arm that will serve the appli­ca­tion best will help ensure prod­uct qual­i­ty and oper­a­tion efficiency.

The required pay­load capac­i­ty also needs to be con­sid­ered. Many arc weld­ing appli­ca­tions only require enough strength to han­dle a weld­ing torch. Oth­er appli­ca­tions, such as mate­r­i­al han­dling and spot weld­ing, require more robust robot arms that can han­dle high­er pay­loads, some­times upwards of 200 kilo­grams or more.

Along the same lines, the work area of the robot arm or work­cell needs to be estab­lished. Ver­ti­cal and hor­i­zon­tal reach­es vary across robot mod­els. Fanuc Robot­ics and Motoman Robot­ics both design and man­u­fac­ture long-reach ver­sion of many of their pop­u­lar robot arms, includ­ing Fanuc’s ARC Mate 100iC/​6L and Motoman’s UP206 robot arm. Var­i­ous mount­ing styles can fur­ther increase a robot arm’s reach

Oth­er phys­i­cal char­ac­ter­is­tics, such as the factory’s floor plan, should be con­sid­ered when search­ing for the per­fect indus­tri­al robot arm. The size and dimen­sions of the robot arm need­ed will often be deter­mined by the area in which it is work­ing. If the robot arm needs to work in small, con­fined area, a table­top sized robot, such as Motoman’s HP3 robot arm, might be more appro­pri­ate than a larg­er stan­dard sized robot.

Every­day, Robots​.com helps man­u­fac­tur­ers spec­i­fy a robot arm that would auto­mate their appli­ca­tion. Our experts help cus­tomers spec­i­fy robot arms that would work for their appli­ca­tion by dis­cussing their indus­tri­al process, eval­u­at­ing their needs, and work­ing with appli­ca­tion engi­neers to devel­op a robot­ic sys­tem to increase pro­duc­tiv­i­ty and effi­cien­cy. To speak with the experts at Robots​.com, sub­mit your infor­ma­tion on our con­tact page or call 8777626881.

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