Improved accuracy with the Fanuc R-2000iB/220U

The Fanuc R-2000iB/220U offers manufacturers improved accuracy and throughput on their production line. The R-2000iB/220U is an intelligent robot, bringing users versatility as it can tackle a wide range of tasks such as spot welding, material handling, and assembly applications. Also providing users with pinpoint accuracy and an overall improved product quality, the Fanuc R-2000iB/220U is sure to increase the production process on your line.

Improved accuracy with the Fanuc R-2000iB/220U


Accuracy is always an important part of the production process. Fanuc Robotics, a trusted name in the robotics industry, is constantly producing robots, like the Fanuc R-2000iB/220U, that deliver high levels of accuracy to manufacturers, which not only improves their production, but also improves their product.

The Fanuc R2000iB/220U is an intelligent robot that can perform several different applications, including spot welding, material handling and assembly applications. The pinpoint accuracy performed by this robot during these different applications really improves the quality of the product, especially in the case of welding and assembly, when accuracy can mean the difference between a decent product and an amazing product.

Along with accuracy, the Fanuc R 2000iB 220U, also offers manufacturers a higher level of intelligence and networking. The system has better motion performance and better functionality. As with many Fanuc robots, the precision and productivity of the robot can be further enhanced with the addition of features like touch sensors and vision technology, which allow the robot to touch and see the objects they are working with.

Overall, the R-2000iB/220U is an accurate, versatile robot with the ability to perform several different functions while delivering higher quality products to consumers.

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