Improving Accuracy and Safety with KUKA Arc Welding Robots

KUKA has been in the welding business for over 100 years, so it is no surprise that they are producing high quality arc welding robots. KUKA arc welding robots are able to increase not only the accuracy on a production line, but also worker safety. The precision is unmatched when compared to the human hand. The safety environment is improved as the welders take over the dangerous jobs and limit the burn or eye damage exposure to human workers.

Improving Accuracy and Safety with KUKA Arc Welding Robots


Anyone who knows the history of KUKA would never second guess their ability to produce a high quality arc welding robot. KUKA has been in the business of welding for more than 100 years, and KUKA Robotics has built amazing arc welding robotic systems for more than three decades. During that time, they have helped manufacturers to improve the accuracy and safety of their application several times over.

Accuracy is a given when it comes to KUKA robotic arc welding. Robotic arc welders from KUKA are able to achieve pinpoint precision, which is something that the sometimes unsteady human hand could never achieve with any consistency. By improving the accuracy of the arc welding application, KUKA robots also enhance the quality of the manufacturer’s product, which boosts the company’s reputation in the market.

But, it isn’t just about improving accuracy, it is about improving the safety and environment for the workers as well. With KUKA robot arc welders, human workers are moved behind the robot, where they can learn to operate and program the robot. After all, the best person to run a robotic welder is a trained welder. By moving the human worker back, safety is boosted because they possibility for burns or damage to the eyes is made almost nonexistent. Also, morale in the shop is lifted because workers are learning new and marketable skills.

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