Improving Educational Opportunities with THINC College – LaGrange, Georgia

Robotics is a quickly advancing industry that is taking over a wide range of applications. As it continues to grow, it is important for students to be exposed to automation. Educational institutions like THINC College and Career Academy are helping brings hands on learning with robots, increasing their knowledge and experience of robotics and automation. This will prepare these students for the future with automation.

Improving Educational Opportunities with THINC College – LaGrange, Georgia


While robotics is a science, one of the best ways to get experience with industrial robots and other types of robotics is to get hands-on experience using them. That is why educational institutions like THINC College & Career Academy in LaGrange, Georgia have invested in robotic technology to use in their classrooms. They want their students to be “work savvy” in their field before entering the workforce.

Recently, THINC College contacted RobotWorx about purchasing a KUKA KR6 R700 SIXX robot system with a KUKA KRC4 controller. Chris Williams of THINC College stated that the institution is a charter high school program. “We want to teach our students on industry-based equipment.” He stated that by purchasing robots, students are able to learn on the same systems they see in the industries in their region.

Williams said his customer service experience was excellent, especially his salesperson, Chris Dodds. Williams had already purchased one robot through RobotWorx and Dodds, and stated he will be purchasing more robots in the future.

“Chris always answers the phone when I call and responds to emails and quote requests promptly,” he stated. “RobotWorx has been more than willing to work with me when dealing with new funding sources [as a public high school charter program]. I highly recommend RobotWorx and will continue to purchase industrial grade robotics from them.”

Are you interested in gaining the same excellent customer experience as Chris Williams and THINC College? Then you should give RobotWorx a call today at 740-251-4312; you can also contact representatives online.

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