Improving Production with Used Fanuc Grinding Robots

If you are looking to save costs while also improving productivity on your production line, look no further than a used Fanuc grinding robot. A used Fanuc grinding robot can improve the look of your product in a very fast and simple way, without needing to take a break or vacation. Integrating a used Fanuc grinding robot on your production line will be a choice you only wish you did sooner. ​

Improving Production with Used Fanuc Grinding Robots


Grinding robots are a great investment because they improve the aesthetic of your product in a fast, simple way – a way that cannot be matched by their human counterparts. The investment is even greater when you decide to purchase a used grinding robot, like those available through Fanuc Robotics. Used grinding robots are able to do everything that a new grinding robot can do, but they cost less.

Used Fanuc grinding robots can bring many benefits to your robotic production process. But, before we talk about that, let’s talk about the savings you are going to get on your initial investment, as well as your faster return on investment, with a used robotic grinder from Fanuc. Usually, you can pick these grinding robots for about half the cost of a new system, and new systems can run from $75,000 to $100,000 or more, depending on what features you buy. So, picking one up for half the price really starts you on your way to savings even faster.

Now, back to the production benefits. Well, the most obvious benefit is the one that was mentioned above – the speed. A Fanuc grinding robot, new or used, is going to move at a much faster rate than any human could possibly move. Also, they are going to grind the work piece consistently, which means that there will not be uneven pieces on the work piece, and each work piece that passes through that station will be a uniform shape and size when finished. This means a better quality product overall, while also saving time and money in the process.

Does all this sound great? Do you want to put a used Fanuc robot grinder in your shop? Then you should contact RobotWorx, one of the leading integrators for Fanuc Robotics. Our staff is waiting to help you build and customize your perfect grinding system, and they will ensure that it comes in at or under your automation budget.

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