Improving Production with Used Fanuc Grinding Robots

Sep 30, 2014

If you are looking to save costs while also improving productivity on your production line, look no further than a used Fanuc grinding robot. A used Fanuc grinding robot can improve the look of your product in a very fast and simple way, without needing to take a break or vacation. Integrating a used Fanuc grinding robot on your production line will be a choice you only wish you did sooner. ​


Grind­ing robots are a great invest­ment because they improve the aes­thet­ic of your prod­uct in a fast, sim­ple way – a way that can­not be matched by their human coun­ter­parts. The invest­ment is even greater when you decide to pur­chase a used grind­ing robot, like those avail­able through Fanuc Robot­ics. Used grind­ing robots are able to do every­thing that a new grind­ing robot can do, but they cost less.

Used Fanuc grind­ing robots can bring many ben­e­fits to your robot­ic pro­duc­tion process. But, before we talk about that, let’s talk about the sav­ings you are going to get on your ini­tial invest­ment, as well as your faster return on invest­ment, with a refur­bished robot­ic grinder from Fanuc. Usu­al­ly, you can pick these grind­ing robots for about half the cost of a new sys­tem, and new sys­tems can run from $75,000 to $100,000 or more, depend­ing on what fea­tures you buy. So, pick­ing one up for half the price real­ly starts you on your way to sav­ings even faster.

Now, back to the pro­duc­tion ben­e­fits. Well, the most obvi­ous ben­e­fit is the one that was men­tioned above – the speed. A Fanuc grind­ing robot, new or used, is going to move at a much faster rate than any human could pos­si­bly move. Also, they are going to grind the work piece con­sis­tent­ly, which means that there will not be uneven pieces on the work piece, and each work piece that pass­es through that sta­tion will be a uni­form shape and size when fin­ished. This means a bet­ter qual­i­ty prod­uct over­all, while also sav­ing time and mon­ey in the process.

Does all this sound great? Do you want to put a used Fanuc robot grinder in your shop? Then you should con­tact Robots​.com, one of the lead­ing inte­gra­tors for Fanuc Robot­ics. Our staff is wait­ing to help you build and cus­tomize your per­fect grind­ing sys­tem, and they will ensure that it comes in at or under your automa­tion budget.

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