Improving Spot Welding Accuracy with ABB Robots

ABB spot welding robots can improve the accuracy on your production line, resulting in a better overall product quality. Furthermore, ABB spot welding robots can remove the tedious tasks from human workers while also producing some of the strongest and secure welds ever. Contact representatives to get started with an ABB spot welding robot today.

Improving Spot Welding Accuracy with ABB Robots

ABB Spot Pack for Spot Welding Applications

One of the most important aspects of any spot welding job is the accuracy of the weld. Without accuracy, a weld is not as strong as it could be, and that could be detrimental to the product as a whole. Spot welding robots, like those from ABB Robotics, are able to improve upon the accuracy of manual spot welding applications, ensuring that manufacturers have a strong weld on every product.

Spot welding can be a long, tedious process when human workers are performing it, especially when it comes to completely an accurate weld path. Each time a weld is completed, the human welder has to lift his hood, check the positioning of the welding gun on the work piece, lower his protective hood and start welding again. This takes a lot of time when you really think about it. Now, a robot has the ability to automatically check its accuracy without all of those steps and follow the programmed path along the work piece. This means that the welds will be precise, or spot on, every single time.

Why is an accurate spot welding robot like those from ABB important? It is all about the strength of the welding job, as mentioned above. ABB robotic spot welders work to put together cars, planes and other passenger vehicles. If those welds are not strong and secure, those vehicles can have welds break, which could become dangerous for the vehicle’s passengers.

Overall, by choosing a robot spot welder from ABB Robotics, manufacturers are getting a spot welding system with pinpoint precision that will turn out a strong, safe weld every time.

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