Improving the Bonding and Sealing Process with Used Fanuc Robots

​If you are looking to improve your bonding and sealing application, than look no farther than Fanuc robotic integration. RobotWorx offers both new and used Fanuc bonding and sealing robots. Purchasing a used bonding and sealing system will save you lots of money while producing the same boost in productivity.

Improving the Bonding and Sealing Process with Used Fanuc Robots


Bonding and sealing is a vital application for many different types of manufacturing markets today. Windows, cars, airplanes – they all have to be bonded or sealed during the manufacturing process. Companies like Fanuc Robotics have been producing bonding and sealing robots for many years, and now have used models on the market that are just as effective as the day they rolled off the manufacturing line.

A Fanuc bonding and sealing robot is efficient in distributing adhesive on a work piece – far more efficient than any manual process. If a human worker uses too much or too little adhesive, it may not bond or seal to the piece as it is supposed to. It could crack or get air bubbles, which could drastically reduce the effectiveness of the product over a period of use. Used Fanuc robotic bonders and sealers do not have those problems. They distribute the same amount of the adhesive evenly over a work piece without errors. This saves manufacturers on material costs, as well as protecting the reputation of the company’s products.

So, why choose a used Fanuc bonding and sealing robotic system? The price, of course. These systems work at the same speed and accuracy as other robotic systems, but they cost about half as much as a new Fanuc bonding and sealing system. This means that manufacturers can save money on material costs, as mentioned above, while also saving money on the robotic system as a whole.

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