Improving Tool Engineering with Robotics

In order to help plan the processes of manufacturing, there is a specialty field called tool engineering. This field helps to develop tools and machines and also to integrate them to help increase the effectiveness on the production line.

Improving Tool Engineering with Robotics


Tool engineering, a specialty field of industrial engineering, exists to plan the processes of manufacture. Workers in this field develop tools and machines and integrate facilities to produce products. A background in tool engineering requires study in the areas of jig design, press tool design, die casting design, plastic molds design, and cutting tools design.

Tool engineers traditionally worked from engineering drawings to mark out a design on raw material. Manually controlled machine tools, such as lathes, milling machines, grinding machines, and jig borers and grinders, would assist the engineer in cutting the size and shape of the design. Computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing along with CNC machine tools have now taken the place of the manual machine tools.

Several companies specialize in tool engineering. L & Z Tool & Engineering, Inc. claims to be the industry leader in engineering and creation of plastic injection molds and die cast dies. They also specialize in design, engineering, prototypes, precision tooling, and single multi-tool fabrication. Manufacturing a project involves creating a working prototype by using CAD technology. Next, the tool engineer creates a model of the parts in a 3-D format. Problems are anticipated and solved in the next step, and then 3-D design software creates a mold design to be reviewed by the customer.

Oak Ridge Tool-Engineering, Inc. promises to provide project management, engineering, and quality craftsmanship in precision tooling, machining, fabrication, and manufacturing. They custom-design mechanical equipment and fabricated metal products for the aerospace, defense, and energy markets. They have created a wide range of products such as a monochromator shield for HFIR cold-neutron, a JSF window assembly tool, and a Delta Reusable shipping container.

Machine Tool Engineering specializes in high-precision CNC turning, milling, and grinding to assist customers with prototyping, and short or long run production.

Each company offers tool engineering with a promise of customer satisfaction.

RobotWorx works with customers to provide the best industrial robot setup in their facility. This includes prototype tooling which is concept tooling of what the part will be working with. If you would like to learn more about industrial robots and their tooling, contact RobotWorx online or at 877-762-6881.