Innovations in robotic hardware and software


Every year, companies attempt to better their processes and equipment from robotic welding to cleanroom applications.  Motoman, a leader in industrial robotics, released a cleanroom robot in April that specializes in biomedical applications.

The MH3BM handles specimen processing, drug dispensing and medical research applications. With special coating and stainless steel fasteners, the MH3BM has more versatility and can be cleaned with hydrogen peroxide. The robot has a cleanroom rating of ISO 5, which gives it flexibility to work outside the biomedical field.

While these applications may seem worlds apart, they are both performed by industrial robotic arms, which have end-of-arm-tooling that make them versatile for many applications. The MH3BM also features open software, allowing for customizing options.

RobotWorx, a certified integrator of MotomanABBUniversal RobotsFANUC and KUKA, along with other manufacturers, works with robotic welding and cleanroom applications, as well as everything in between.

If you are looking to begin automating your industry applications with the new or refurbished robotic arms, contact RobotWorx today at 740-251-4312. The engineers and salespeople can help you with all your customizable robotic application needs.

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