Is Your Company Ready for Robots?

Jul 21, 2015

There are a few items you should figure out to decide if you are robot-ready. First, decide which dangerous or tedious tasks should replace humans so that they remove any safety hazards. Next, decide which precise tasks are necessary to be completed so that a robot can bring greater accuracy and precision to the line. Finally, understand your budget and what exactly you are looking for with a robotic system integration.


Robot automa­tion is steadi­ly grow­ing year after year. Com­pa­nies that want to keep up with their com­peti­tors will have to switch to automa­tion. But, how does a com­pa­ny know if it is ready to inte­grate robots into their pro­duc­tion line? There are a few things com­pa­nies should ask to fig­ure out if they are robot-ready”.

First, com­pa­nies need to look at their process­es over­all, and see if there are any process­es that stand out as repet­i­tive, dan­ger­ous, or tedious, accord­ing to PWC​.com. Then, they need to fig­ure out if these process­es could be per­formed by robots instead of humans. Robots can also be help­ful if a com­pa­ny has sev­er­al process­es that require high lev­els of dex­ter­i­ty and pre­ci­sion, which can be hard for a human to main­tain with­out errors. 

Com­pa­nies also have to explore what ben­e­fits their pro­duc­tion would gain from adding a robot. Would a robot increase the over­all pro­duc­tiv­i­ty? Would a robot help to cut down on waste? Would a robot improve effi­cien­cy dur­ing a cer­tain process? This will help the com­pa­ny to pin­point not only where a robot would be effec­tive, but also how it would be effec­tive, and help to improve their pro­duc­tion. It is also impor­tant for com­pa­nies to research what cost ben­e­fit robot­ics would bring to them, the return on invest­ment it would have, and how much it would cost to inte­grate the sys­tem and train work­ers to run the robot system. 

Once all of these ques­tions are answered, it is time to find a place to buy your new or refur­bished robot. Robots​.com, a robot­ics inte­gra­tor for sev­er­al dif­fer­ent robot­ics com­pa­nies, includ­ing Fanuc, KUKA, ABB, Uni­ver­sal Robots, and Motoman, is a great place to start! Our sales team can work with you to find the per­fect robot­ic design for your facility. 

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