It’s all in the design: Applications of Robotic Workcells

A robotic workcell can tackle a variety of tasks, from welding to material handling to material removal, they can do it all. Workcells can be supplied with stationary or rotating turntables, depending on the application's specific needs.

It’s all in the design: Applications of Robotic Workcells


While you may have heard that purchasing and integrating a robotic workcell is a great way to bring automation into your shop, you may be asking yourself, “What can a robotic workcell do? What types of applications can it perform?”

The answer is simple – a robot workcell can do almost anything that a single robot on a line can do. From welding to material handling to material removal, robotic workcells can do it all, depending on their design.

Some welding robotic workcells may have a design that includes up to three robots so that the workcell can weld multiple parts or one large part simultaneously. A material handling workcell may consist of two robots that manipulate items and put them in a certain place, possibly even handing them off to each other without the use of any other positioner.

When it comes to material removal, like deburring, sanding, or other applications, the workcell can be fitted with a stationary table or 180-degree rotating turntable, depending on the need. With the stationary table, a part can be loaded on the table, the doors closed and the application run. With a turntable robotic workcell, the piece is loaded onto the table, and then the table will turn 180 degrees, moving the part in and out of the robot’s work zone so it can perform the application.

Once again, workcell robotics can perform any of the several robotic applications that are out there in industry today. It all depends on how they are designed and programmed.

RobotWorx, a certified integrator of robotic workcells for companies like Fanuc, Motoman, ABB, Universal Robots, and KUKA, has several options when it comes to robot workcell applications. RobotWorx will help customers design the perfect workcell for their application and facility’s needs.

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