It’s built like a man, but it’s not – it’s a humanoid robot


When someone says, “humanoid robot,” your first thought might be something like the red-eyed monsters you see in The Terminator. That is not typically the case. Though they are made of metal and sometimes much larger than us, these robots work for us, not against us.

One of the newest humanoid robot designs is from DARPA, and its name is ATLAS. According to a July 2013 article from, ATLAS is one of the most advanced humanoid robots ever built in conjunction with the DARPA Virtual Robotics Challenge. DARPA is a defense contractor working on humanoid robots for the U.S. Military.

This robotic humanoid is six foot, two inches tall and weighs in at 330 pounds. Unlike humans, it does not have a six-two “wingspan.” Actually, its arms are long enough to pick up a car. In a word, this humanoid robot is huge, and just slightly foreboding.

ATLAS has a system of sensors and hydraulics that help it maneuver and move its limbs through a range of natural motions, the article stated. Just like a human being, this humanoid robot can walk up a flight of stairs, climb over and move around obstacles, stay on its feet when hit with 20 pound weights and even stay balanced when walking over uneven terrain.

Unlike the robotic humanoids that took over in The Terminator, this humanoid is engineered to help. It would be used in real-life disaster scenarios to go into areas before it is safe for human first responders. Basically, it would become the ultimate first responder – not to mention, a lot tougher on the battlefield, if it ever comes to that!

While RobotWorx does not have a lot of humanoid robots hanging around the warehouse, there are some dual-armed robots that appear to have a humanoid look to them. These robots are basically two arms and a torso. Sometimes they even have heads to make them appear even more human. Many of these robots are used in assembly and packing applications. Their arms can work simultaneously on one task, or they can work independently on different tasks to speed up production.

RobotWorx, a certified integrator for MotomanFANUCABBUniversal Robots, and KUKA robots, would be happy to help you find the right dual-armed robot for your industrial facility. If you would like to know more about the robots we have available for customization and purchase, contact us today online or at 740-251-4312.

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