Keeping It All Together – Wire and Cabling Harnesses

Wires and cable harnesses help the robotic systems organize and protect their plugs and ports. The wires run from several different areas of the robot to the controller and back again, so keeping things organized is hugely beneficial. Containing cords and wires will decrease the wear and tear of your wires and increase the overall lifespan.

Keeping It All Together – Wire and Cabling Harnesses


Robotic systems have wires and cables that run from several different areas of the robot to the controller and back again. By using wiring and cabling harnesses, companies are able to group these cables and wires together in a way that allows there to be several large ports or plugs for a set of wiring, as opposed to having to plug each wire or cable into its own specific port.

There are several different types of electronics that use wire and cable harnesses, including industrial automation, aerospace technology, computers and even fitness equipment like treadmills and elliptical trainers. Just like their robotic cousins, these electronics are all composed of several types of cables and wires that need to be harnessed in a way that allows for easy and effective assembly and repair.

So, why are harnesses so important for wires and cabling, especially in robotics? Well, the answer is pretty simple – it cuts down on wear and tear of the cables and wires, and allows for easy access and repair. Wires that are not kept together can go astray and break or be worn down easier, which can lead to robot system malfunction and possible production slowdown or shut down. By using wiring harnesses, these wires are kept together in a certain area, free of the wear and tear they may encounter otherwise. This cuts down on maintenance costs and increases the longevity of the robotic systems.

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