Keeping Up with Your Operations with ABB’s myRobot

ABB has developed a way to help keep track of all the operations on the automation line. ABB's myRobot will track your robot's operations and performance and then make necessary adjustments. ABB myRobot allows users to check the status of the robot from across the globe! It is a HTML5 based tool that enables users to use a dashboard on their computer system and instantly check the robot's status.

Keeping Up with Your Operations with ABB’s myRobot


Keeping track of the operation of all of the automation on your production line is important to maintaining and improving your company’s productivity. If you have made an investment in industrial robots from ABB Robotics, then the ABB myRobot tool is a perfect way to track your robots’ operations and performance and make adjustments as necessary.

So, what is myRobot by ABB? According to ABB, myRobot is a HTML5 based tool that allows customers to use a dashboard on their computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone to check instant robot statuses, as well as other quick information about their operations. This means that in the world of global business, a manufacturer could have a meeting in another country, and still keep up with the status of his robots on the other side of the world by using this myRobot program, provided by ABB Robotics.

How does it work? Well, when a user logs into the dashboard, they are able to see all of the general information about the status of their robot – any alarms it may have thrown, its last backup, its diagnostics and its last communication. This can help avoid any unplanned stops, as well as providing the manufacturer with detailed information to determine the cause of a problem, ABB stated. Basically, if a customer is using ABB’s myRobot, they are able to determine the problem a robot may be having, and they are able to get it fixed more quickly. This fends off any need for a production slowdown or shutdown, which can cost the company time and money.

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