Kuka and Robotic Milling

KUKA created one of the first 6 axes robots and is now one of the leading producers of industrial robots. They continue to innovate and create products that are cutting edge.

Kuka and Robotic Milling


KUKA is a German based robotics company that is one of the leading producers of industrial robots in the world. They originally created the world’s first 6 axes robot in 1973 and today their robots are used among several industries including automotive, metal working, and food. Their main headquarters is located in Augsburg, Germany but they also have a North American headquarters in Shelby Township, Michigan.

As a leading manufacturer KUKA stays on top by keeping their product line up to date. One of their most recent additions is their robotic milling technology for metal cutting and prototyping applications. Robot milling is a process used to cut away material to form a specific structure, often a mold or prototype. KUKA robotic milling is capable of producing higher throughput, lower capital costs, and increase flexibility. A milling robot has the advantage of flexibility because of a large work envelope with a 6 axis structure, giving it the freedom it needs to maneuver. Milling robots also have the advantage of using a simple cell structure with multiple part fixtures in their work envelope, allowing the operator to fixture one part while the robot is milling. This helps to increase productivity which saves manufacturers time and money.

A KUKA milling robot such as the KR100 HA has a long reach of 2600mm with a 6 axis work envelope that allows the robot to be precise and flexible. The KUKA KR30 HA is another milling robot with a reach of 2033mm and a 6 axis work envelope. This unit uses fine gears making it an excellent choice for precision milling. Both units have 6 degrees of freedom with their axes allowing them to maneuver swiftly around objects and accurately cut even the most intricate parts.

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