KUKA coating robots – a model for every environment

The manufacturing industry can use a wide range of robots to accomplish different tasks such as welding, material handling, material removal and coating. Coating robots help to influence the chemical, physical, or electrical properties during the process. They are able to efficiently coat a product while also producing a higher quality product.

KUKA coating robots – a model for every environment


KUKA Robotics makes robots that can weld, handle material and remove material. They also build dispensing robots like KUKA coating robots. While coating may seem similar to painting, it has a different purpose in the manufacturing industry.

According to the KUKA website, coating is used to influence the chemical, physical or electrical properties of a metallic or semi-metallic work piece, as opposed to painting, which is used to fend off corrosion and increase the aesthetic of the work piece.

There are several KUKA robotic coaters available through their company. While standard, floor-mounted KUKA coating robots can be used for the applications, a shelf-mounted may have more advantages, depending on the coating application and work piece shape and size. Shelf-mounted KUKA robotic coating systems save space on the workplace floor, while having a large work envelope and increased flexibility, which can help the coater to access hard-to-reach areas.

While mounting options are important when looking into the perfect KUKA coating robot, sometimes manufacturers also have to consider the work environment. KUKA foundry coating robots are able to handle high temperatures that are found in steel mills, foundries and forge shops, which also may need the services of coating applications.

These KUKA robot coaters are specially designed for the harsh environment, according to KUKA, with a submersible, heat resistant wrist. The robot is also resistant to water jets and high levels of constant humidity.

No matter what KUKA robot coater you choose for your coating application, it will surely increase your line’s productivity, as well as enhancing the quality of your end product.

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