KUKA KR3 Injection Molding Robot

The KUKA KR3 injection molding robot is a 6 axis robot with multiple mounting options. This helps to increase the flexibility and versatility on your production line. It is designed for light payload applications and to provide quick and precise movements.

KUKA KR3 Injection Molding Robot


Just like a kid making a Kool-Aid popsicle by letting the Kool-Aid conform to the shape of the tray, injection molding produces parts by injecting material into a mold. It is a common manufacturing process involving a variety of material types. The KUKA KR3 robot automated the injection molding process in a cell for a competition at Ohio Northern University in 2007. Not only did the KUKA KR3 win the Gold award in its division, but it also was awarded the top honor of 2007 Robot of the Year.

At the ONU competition, the KUKA KR3 processed poker chips from raw materials within the cell, and labeled the chips with “ONU” before passing them out to impressed bystanders. The KR3 is one of seven robots that KUKA has provided to ONU’s Robotics Technology Center of Excellence.

The KUKA KR3 is a 6-axis robot that has multiple mounting options: on the floor, on a table, or even on the ceiling. 6-axis robots’ lateral movements are ideal for unloading parts from an injection molding machine due to their flexibility. It has a 3kg payload and a 635 mm reach. It is designed for light payload applications such as material handling, dispensing, machine loading, and machine tending. It is designed to make quick, accurate movements.

The KR3 is compatible with KUKA. Sim Proc software, an offline programming tool for simulation analysis and programming generation. Other important KUKA injection molding robot models are the KR 150 L 110, KR 125, and KR 30.

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