Laser Cutting with Motoman Robots

Laser cutting depends on precision and accuracy and industrial robots can provide all of that and more. Motoman robotics is a leading manufacturer of laser cutting robots and provides users with efficiency, dependability, and high levels of flexibility.

Laser Cutting with Motoman Robots


The automotive industry has been one of the largest purchasers of industrial automation for many decades. Many of those manufacturers turn to laser cutting robots from Motoman Robotics, one of the world leaders in industrial robotics, for their applications. Motoman laser cutting robots bring their manufacturing lines efficiency, dependability and high levels of flexibility.

Laser cutting is a type of cutting that is highly precise. That is why it is ideal for the automotive industry. Whether it is a car, a truck, a motorcycle or another type of vehicle, it needs to be a certain weight. There are lots of different parts that fit together in a vehicle, and a piece varies from others, it could destroy the integrity of the framework of the vehicle. This could result in a vehicle that runs incorrectly, or could even result in the death of a driver or passenger.

These robotic laser cutters from Motoman are able to cut several different items for the automotive industry, including frames pieces for vehicles, exhaust tubes and even body panels. This kind of versatility allows a manufacturer to buy one robot to cut several different items on his production line, instead of just one designated piece of equipment. This cuts down on equipment costs for the manufacturer, and the speed doesn’t hurt either.

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