Laser Processing with the ABB FlexCutLaser and FlexWeldLaser cells

​The ABB FlexCut Laser robotic cell can cut a variety of difficult and abrasive metals without wearing down a cutting tool. It uses laser cutting technology, saving you rmoney on maintenance and wear and tear. The FlexCutLaser and FlexWeldLaser cells are the perfect solution for your production line, contact RobotWorx representatives today.

Laser Processing with the ABB FlexCutLaser and FlexWeldLaser cells


Cutting and welding are two of the most common applications on the industrial market today. Manufacturers all over the world have turned to robots to perform these two processes, and some have even installed full welding cells to complete the process. ABB Robotics has developed two pre-fabricated cells for cutting and welding – the FlexCutLaser cell and the FlexWeldLaser cell. These cells come complete with everything you need to perform a successful automated laser cutting or laser welding application.

The ABB FlexCutLaser robotic cell is all about cutting, as the name claims. Like other laser cutting applications, the FlexCutLaser cell will be able to cut a variety of difficult or more abrasive metals, and it will do so without wearing down a cutting tool of any sort. Because it uses laser cutting technology, the FlexCutLaser cell by ABB will save your company money on maintenance and wear and tear, effectively saving you money over the lifespan of the cell.

The FlexWeldLaser from ABB Robotics is a weld cell that has offline programming capabilities, much like its cutting counterpart, and it also has the ability to weld a variety of parts, regardless of their size, shape or the volume of production. This type of pre-fab welding cell will boost production for any company, and possibly streamline welding in the process. The ABB FlexWeldLaser is a leader in motion control and path performance, ensuring a high quality weld every time.

Are you interested in learning more about ABB work cells like those mentioned above? Then you should call RobotWorx, a certified integrator for ABB Robotics. Our staff will work with you to help you find the best ABB work cell for your facility. We even customize existing work cells and build custom RobotWorx cells that will fit all of your needs.

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