Loading with KUKA Robots

KUKA robotics has a variety of robot options for your loading and unloading applications. A company who makes precision machining tools invested in a KUKA loading robot to handle a wide range of blanks and finished tools. KUKA was able to provide the perfect robot with a specific EOAT, one that was flexible and highly reliable.

Loading with KUKA Robots


Loading and unloading are two of the most common material handling applications performed by robots. Many companies, like KUKA Robotics, have requests for loading robots that can take the place of manual labor in their loading and unloading production areas because robots move faster than the human workers currently performing the tasks.

Sometimes though, a loading robot is not taking the place of manual labor at all. Sometimes, that robot is taking the place of another robot, one that moves less efficiently than the manufacturer requires. This was the case for Dihart, a manufacturer of precision machining tools that decided to invest in a KUKA loading robot to replace a gantry robot on the line. Dihart required an accurate KUKA robotic loader that could handle a wide range of blanks and finished tools, which it could then load and unload into a turning center. The gripper on the solution had to be flexible, and the system had to be highly reliable.

KUKA picked their best loading robotic system for the job, ensuring that it could load blanks into the turning center and remove them once the tools had been milled, according to the KUKA website. The three-finger end effector used was versatile enough to pick up an array of materials and move them into precise positions. The robotic machine loader from KUKA was a success. It had short set-up times and process reliability, along with high precision, which led to an increase in productivity overall.

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