Looking into the Future with Vision Robot Software

Robotic vision software is allowing manufacturers to further increase the accuracy and precision of their products with added cameras and sensors. The vision software from companies such as Fanuc and Motoman bring to the table iRVision and MotoSight, respectively, to enhance the overall product quality and precision.

Looking into the Future with Vision Robot Software


Although robots can’t fix their makeup and hair in the mirror, the latest technologies are allowing them to “see.” Vision robot software permits robots to locate parts to be picked up and figure out where to put that part down, on the simplest level. Depending on the user’s needs, whether simple or more complex, there are plenty of options for robot vision software available.

Fanuc’s breakthrough technology iRVision comes with several options: 2D Single, 2D Multiple (in which an optional camera multiplexer is added), 3D Single (equipped with a 3DL Single-Sensor System), and 3D Multi-Sensor for 2D and 3D processing. iRVision uses Geometric Pattern Matching for object location, and the possibilities with this software are endless.

Fanuc also offers 2DVision Guidance software, which is ideally used to move the robot to the location of the part. 3DL Vision Guidance software projects lasers to find parts regardless of their position or orientation. Visual Line Tracking software will encourage the robot to pick products from a moving conveyor. Vision Guided Depalletizing consists of a 2D camera system that can evaluate the size of parts for picking, packing, or palletizing.

Motoman has also developed several vision software options. MotoSight 2D features a Cognex In-Sight Micro Camera and is used for robot guidance, error proofing, part identification and inspection, and picking. MotoSight 2D with MotoPick will locate parts that are randomly oriented on a moving conveyor. MotoSight 3D CortexVision makes the use of 3D Vision in robotic guidance simple, and is suited well for precise part location. No calibration is required, and the self-learning technology can automatically adjust the position of the camera to locate parts. MotoSight 3D Spatial Vision uses scalable 3D vision guidance. This software is perfect for finding boxes in a 3D space and palletizing or depalletizing them.

Robotic Vision Technologies created eVisionFactory, which combines a single camera 3D technology with Random Bin Picking and Vision Guided Robotic technologies. Robot guidance and visual recognition with the newest 6.5 version of eVisionFactory is ideal for manufacturing, situational awareness, material handling, and more.

Skilligent Robot Vision System is software that employs object tracking algorithms with significant object recognition. Once an object has been recognized, the software keeps it in an indexed structure for reduced search time.

RoboRealm is robot vision software that can be used with not only robotic vision systems, but computer vision and image analysis as well. A USB webcam and a PC are all the user needs to add vision to robotic projects. The software allows the user to view the robot’s environment, process the image, determine the next step to take, and send the appropriate signal to the robot, which can track objects, navigate as necessary and avoid obstacles in its path.

While self-aware robots are further into the future, the value of vision software is apparent. RobotWorx does have vision software available with particular robot systems. Contact us today to start incorporating vision into your factory.

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