Making Yards of Progress in the Textile Industry

Industrial robots are helping to improve the textile industry, bringing their productivity and efficiency. Automating the textile industry brings a company quality improvement and helps them stay competitive. The robots are able to bring product consistency and have proved that they can maintain standards.

Making Yards of Progress in the Textile Industry


Automation has proved crucial to quality improvement and cost competitiveness in the textile industry. All processes of textile manufacturing have undergone automation, resulting in gains in productivity and efficiency.

Fiber manufacturing automation has been beneficial to the industry because of the heavy emphasis placed on product uniformity and standards.

Automation has been critical for the dyeing process, because even a milligram of variation of recipe can change the shade of a fabric. Automation controls dyeing parameters accurately, thus improving the quality of the dye with programmable process control.

Yarn forming has advanced with automation due to new methods of spinning. Cotton mixing automation allows several bales to be drawn and mixed together, forming a homogeneous mixture of cotton, which reduces batch variation. Auto-coners have splicing and yarn fault detection, ensuring better yarn quality and less unevenness. Ring spindle speeds have increased, and spinning machines can produce yarn 20 times faster with the benefit of automation.

Weaving technology has advanced with automatic shuttle looms, providing higher productivity and superior quality. Knitting machine processes include automatic pick repair, automatic warp breakage locator, and computerized machine control.

Automation allows the textile industry to reduce labor costs, as well as increase productivity in each of the textile manufacturing categories.

Though you might not tend to think of robots being involved in the textile industry, they can be used for specific tasks to automate and streamline production. RobotWorx is happy to integrate robotics into any industry and can help you choose the right robot for your application. Contact us today online or at 877-762-6881.